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So ugly only a designer could love it

It’s the Venturi Eclectic and well maybe it’s sorta cute in a moon buggy sort of way although it does also look a bit like the Amish buggy redesigned. We’re posting it as a bit of a more serious footnote to our last post. After being despised and vandalised by politicians for decades, mass public […]

Another new year

Happy new year wishes from all of us. We’re in the process of making a few changes to gear up for the coming year. Firstly a slight change to our name. This blog began on blogspot as a service that was part of our art and heritage management consultancy. We used it to showcase architectural […]

Merry Christmeme Day

Peace on earth,goodwill to all men? And women? Have carols ever sounded better than this? Well maybe here or perhaps here … (Thanks to boingboing.) Meanwhile we promise we’ll stop teasing the deluded and get back to business in a day or two.