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Reindeer droppings

Decorate your tree with adaptively reused circuit boards, then buy presents like this American Gulag bracelet from richterstudios inc, or wineglasses from the Eden Project store or a paper pot maker or a personal solar panel or a Rockbox open source mp3 player (photo by Andrew Mason). or a MAKE warranty voider (go on, you […]

Bicycle seat sniffing

In our disillusionment we no longer sniff out adaptively reused bicycle furniture yet we still stumble across it. Here’s some more, a new and uncomfortable variation on the park bench by Swedish designer Frida Ottemo Kallstrom. Not much potential for adaptive reuse by homeless people although they maybe able to drape it with plastic and […]


Everyone must have seen African tin toys made from reused tin cans, and the wire frame type that are often rather unsettling in their ghostliness. The toy influence is obvious when you see this. It’s the maquette for a much larger work that seems to have been made in a similar way from even bigger […]

Fly away home

We’ve talked before about reusing plane parts as furniture, and the LoTek library design using aircraft fuselages is a particular favourite of ours, even if it was never built. Well, there’s more than one way to lace a boot, and there’s more than one way to skin a Boeing 747. This project by Syndesis Ltd […]

Bicycle ute

Here’s another bicycle reuse. This time its Moz who, among other things, adapts old bicycles to become new load-bearing human powered vehicles like this one. Often this kind of adaption is a prototype for building these designs from scratch, as with the development of the long bike into one less ute.

Pedal power

We were delighted to get an email from Ben Denham (thanks for the kind remarks) where he sent us some links to sites about bicycle powered machines. Mayapedal produce bikes, trailers etc, but also a range of bicycles adaptively reused to power machines that perform a range of agricultural tasks like dehusking, pumping water, even […]

Trains that don’t run on time

I had never heard of the amazing “norry”, the bamboo railway of Battambang province, Cambodia, until a few nights ago when it was on ABC’s Foreign Correspondent programme, so I googled it and discovered I was probably the last person in the world to hear about it. Check out this tourist blog, for instance, where […]

Rubber fetish

It sure is ingenious but beautiful?…..we don’t think so. This is more furniture from bike bits. There seems to be as much bike furniture in the world as there are inner tube hand bags. It’s hard to understand why bike bits inspire this much weird kitsch but at least it’s adaptive reuse. We have to […]

Wing it

The Mini desk reminded me that few years back I’d seen a DC3 wing desk in one of those house porn magazines so I went looking for it and here it is. You can get a single wing or if you are particularly obese you can get a double winger and you can accessorize – […]

Adaptive irony

I look at that image and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. We work as heritage consultants and the destruction of a heritage building in that way is heart breaking, although it interestingly demonstrates that adaptive reuse can be a more complex issue than it appears at first. On the other hand I […]