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Reindeer droppings

Decorate your tree with adaptively reused circuit boards, then buy presents like this American Gulag bracelet from richterstudios inc, or wineglasses from the Eden Project store or a paper pot maker or a personal solar panel or a Rockbox open source mp3 player (photo by Andrew Mason). or a MAKE warranty voider (go on, you […]

It’s a lonely life on the road…

and you gotta smoke a lotta dope and that’s the only possible excuse for this, Teenar The Girl Guitar, an adaptively reused vintage mannequin. It’s from here via BoingBoing.

Let me show you my etchings

That ubiquitous fixture of garage sales, the Etch-A-Sketch, has finally been turned into something useful (did anyone ever manage to create a recognisable image on one of those things.. er yes, sort of.) Here it is, the Electr-O-Sketch, the computerised, adaptively reused Etch-A-Sketch. Two Cornell University engineering students, Jason Levin and Chris Hopkins, replaced the […]

Wing it

The Mini desk reminded me that few years back I’d seen a DC3 wing desk in one of those house porn magazines so I went looking for it and here it is. You can get a single wing or if you are particularly obese you can get a double winger and you can accessorize – […]

Stuffed toy abuse

Wendy accuses me of being a sick individual for loving this site. She says if I had raised children of my own I would feel deeply for well loved but damaged teddys. I see this as their rescue and revival. It’s certainly adaptive reuse. You can find them, and more at Morbid Tendencies Unfortunate Animal […]