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Just hold on there

Jorre Van Ast is a young designer with a thing about clamps. This table made from a door with ready made legs that clamp on is a spinoff from his clampology project, a series of clamps that can be adapted for a number of uses. So, a few clamps, some pilfered bricks, milk crates and […]

Reindeer droppings

Decorate your tree with adaptively reused circuit boards, then buy presents like this American Gulag bracelet from richterstudios inc, or wineglasses from the Eden Project store or a paper pot maker or a personal solar panel or a Rockbox open source mp3 player (photo by Andrew Mason). or a MAKE warranty voider (go on, you […]

Pedal power

We were delighted to get an email from Ben Denham (thanks for the kind remarks) where he sent us some links to sites about bicycle powered machines. Mayapedal produce bikes, trailers etc, but also a range of bicycles adaptively reused to power machines that perform a range of agricultural tasks like dehusking, pumping water, even […]

Access all areas

The world is full of products that, for their pointless waste of the world’s resources, should have earned their manufacturers a community service sentence in an impoverished third world country to assist them in regaining a grip on reality. The battery powered pooper scooper for cleaning the cat tray is a typical example (and for […]


The ScrapHouse was built exclusively of scrap and salvaged material on Civic Center Plaza adjacent to San Francisco City Hall in conjunction with World Environment Day 2005. According to the press release “With walls sheathed with everything from street signs and shower doors to fire hoses and phonebooks, ScrapHouse is a sight to be seen, […]

Raptop computer….

that’s what it says, honest, go see for yourself. Although the site does seem to have lost something in the translation, or at least adaptively reused the english language. However, we did like the way the bell was described as “The latest foppery equipment” and that morse key mouse has a strange appeal. We found […]

Why didn’t ya call?

The most extreme adaptive reuse of mobile phones is to detonate bombs (And if you need more proof of the militaristic brainwashing that has infected parts of the US, read the rest of that site.). But a better use of old mobiles is to recycle them. Smile Plastics recycle anything made of plastic into solid […]

Adaptive repair

We’ve been a bit slow with posts in the last few weeks because we’ve been moving this blog and a few others we are involved in from blogger to their own websites, a small sign of their growing success. But we’re back to work now. Let’s start with Bower, a repair and recycling centre in […]

Clock watching

I haven’t worn a watch since my early teens, a long time ago. If I want to know the time I just ask someone else, I’m a social kind of guy. But I have to say that the Nixie watch is almost enough to change the habit of a lifetime. It’s even got a rocker […]