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Sporty furniture

We’ve been teasing bikers about their furniture but the truth is that all sports seem to have a line of furniture. Since we’ve just been blogging about skate deck bags, here’s some furniture made from skate decks. This stool by skurniture is rather elegant in a neo-50s sort of way but it seems to be […]

Three legs good

“The Bucket Seat by Carl Clerkin makes moving your stool quick and easy!” is what they say on UrbanPeel where we found this. So there you go, another of life’s pressing issues resolved. Nonetheless, made of one chair seat, three mop handles and one bucket handle, the Bucket Seat is an elegant little collection of […]

Street life

It’s one thing to write about converting 747s into mansions but ultimately that’s only for an extremely wealthy minority. Homelessness is endemic throughout the world and in the US alone approximately 3.5 million people are estimated to experience homelessness at some point annually, a million of them children. Extremist right wing governments have exacerbated the […]

Rubber fetish

It sure is ingenious but beautiful?…..we don’t think so. This is more furniture from bike bits. There seems to be as much bike furniture in the world as there are inner tube hand bags. It’s hard to understand why bike bits inspire this much weird kitsch but at least it’s adaptive reuse. We have to […]

Wing it

The Mini desk reminded me that few years back I’d seen a DC3 wing desk in one of those house porn magazines so I went looking for it and here it is. You can get a single wing or if you are particularly obese you can get a double winger and you can accessorize – […]


We’ve all seen those silly adaptations of the arse end of cars, where there are seats or beds in the boot (trunk to you seppos), all sitting in an awful tacky motel room. Or if you are feeling more tasteful, perhaps a car desk? (Thank you ChipChick). Should we regard them as kitsch or post […]

Consumer’s Rest

Frank Schreiner’s 1983 ‘Consumer’s Rest’ chair made from a shopping trolley is now a design classic. With a limited edition of only 100 they rarely appear on the market and when they do the price is skyrocketting. It must now stand as one of the earliest examples of a product remanufactured from another mass produced […]

Sit on a tuffet

A tuffet is a low stool or a clump of grass and you can sit on either. The days of the hedge carpenter and chair bodger may be long gone but you can still grow your own stool… Or you could even turn your lawn into an armchair… provided you can stop laughing at this […]

Adaptive repair

We’ve been a bit slow with posts in the last few weeks because we’ve been moving this blog and a few others we are involved in from blogger to their own websites, a small sign of their growing success. But we’re back to work now. Let’s start with Bower, a repair and recycling centre in […]

On your bike

I always thought that Picasso’s bull’s head made from a bike seat and handles was his most banal work. These guys do much more interesting things with bike parts. But they’ll be out of business if the spokeless hubless bicycle takes off.