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Out of the closet

Why does the humble wardrobe have so much appeal as a refuge, an escape to a different world even. From children’s stories like The Chronicles of Narnia or The Indian in the Cupboard, to farces and cartoons where everything from lovers to dead mothers are hidden in them, somehow wardrobes seem to be hotbeds of […]

Flying low

If we are to save the world it is necessary for the principles of sustainability and adaptive reuse to penetrate be adopted by all strata of society. The MotoArt Mile High Bed … what more can we say? Personally, we prefer the ejector seats.

Chairy porn

There’s no doubt that some big companies have worked out that green is good and getting better every day and that the companies who push hard and fast into developing seriously green and sustainable products will win out big time. Furniture manufacturer Herman Miller worked it out quite a while back and don’t mind telling […]

The real post-modernism

We’ll confess we’d like to be corrupted and this post is a straight out attempt at getting some payola. Admittedly the subject, the Dutch designers Meesters & Van Der Park, deserve all the praise we can give them but unfortunately they have just announced the split up of their partnership. So we’re saying nothing but […]

This printed life

If there is one thing we are looking forward to this year it’s the test run of Behrokh Khoshnevis’ Contour Crafting 3D House Printer in April 2007. You could call it printer technology adaptively reused but it’s more a case of evolved. So, print yourself a house then pop out to your shed where you […]

Pimp my couch

At 3am in the dark night of the soul the thought often occurs “Why is Segway?” and you babble incoherently “Down there…those things…legs… for walking… or if I want to go faster, for cycling…” Now the news has come through that Segways have been banned in the Netherlands except when used in private by consenting […]

Sit anywhere

We commented recently about the growing incidence of products that facilitate the adaptive reuse of other products. Here is the latest, a bottle stool (found on treehugger). The Footstool by StudioHelsinki uses pet bottles as the base of a go-anywhere stool. Neat, although not as neat as the more expensive traditional shooting stick, just the […]

Going dutch

For quite a few years now the Dutch have produced some of the best design in the world. Pragmatism seems to be a national characteristic and it’s an attitude that lends itself to adaptive reuse, seen here in one of the first bits of contemporary Dutch design to catch our attention. This is Tejo Remy’s […]

Just hold on there

Jorre Van Ast is a young designer with a thing about clamps. This table made from a door with ready made legs that clamp on is a spinoff from his clampology project, a series of clamps that can be adapted for a number of uses. So, a few clamps, some pilfered bricks, milk crates and […]

Bicycle seat sniffing

In our disillusionment we no longer sniff out adaptively reused bicycle furniture yet we still stumble across it. Here’s some more, a new and uncomfortable variation on the park bench by Swedish designer Frida Ottemo Kallstrom. Not much potential for adaptive reuse by homeless people although they maybe able to drape it with plastic and […]