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Out of the closet

Why does the humble wardrobe have so much appeal as a refuge, an escape to a different world even. From children’s stories like The Chronicles of Narnia or The Indian in the Cupboard, to farces and cartoons where everything from lovers to dead mothers are hidden in them, somehow wardrobes seem to be hotbeds of […]

Well I’ll be a seagull!

Thanks to our reader Jeroen Harkes we now know that the “Redneck Mansion” is actually a set for the outdoor Theater het Amsterdam Bos. It seems so obvious in retrospect. It was designed by Catherina Scholten for the 2005 production of Anton Chekhov‘s Ivanov, his early play about a disillusioned young intellectual – surprise surprise […]

Rising in the world

This image under the title Redneck Mansion is racing through the blogosphere faster than headlice through a kindergarten leaving a wake of vicious and patronising comments, as if rednecks had a monopoly on vulgarity. But it strikes us as an imaginative, witty and good fun bit of adaptive reuse, not at all vulgar – and […]

Floating in a tin can

(Photo fitaloon) You’ve made your gazillions and now you need somewhere to get away from it all, a place that’s safe and secure, secluded but not too far from civilisation? You like messing around in boats? Of course you own your own helicopter? Then have we got the place for a swashbuckler like you! As […]

Street life

It’s one thing to write about converting 747s into mansions but ultimately that’s only for an extremely wealthy minority. Homelessness is endemic throughout the world and in the US alone approximately 3.5 million people are estimated to experience homelessness at some point annually, a million of them children. Extremist right wing governments have exacerbated the […]

Holiday house?

One of Lacaton & Vassal‘s neatest tricks is to cover the roof of a more conventional building with glasshouses to extend the amount of usable enclosed space. Here is a project that combines shipping containers (yeah!) with plastic carports in a similar way to produce a beautiful and elegant remote rainforest research centre. It can […]

Unnatural gardening

The sad saga of the Thomas Street, Box Hill garden that was posted on Lucazoid’s site got us looking at urban agriculture. The residents had turned the entire backyard into an organic vegetable garden only to discover their landlord was a lawn lover who considered they had damaged the property. The whole garden had to […]

Nowhere to go but up

It’s natural for buildings to be extended up as population densities increase but the fake heritage attics that have become ubiquitous in Australia can be so boring that even the most inappropriate additions suddenly look appealing. Some of the oddest upward renovations are the redundant San Diego tract houses, discussed by Teddy Cruz, that are […]

Container overload

I have mostly resisted writing about my favourite architects like LacatonVassal architectes or Adam Kalkin or the late great Samuel “Sambo” Mockbee but this week Sydney had a visit from Teddy Cruz. I want to write something about Teddy Cruz on the Open Source Art School so I’ll just recommend you check out the link, […]

Market solution

In Australia, the lackey country, politicians and other business rent-a-reptiles constantly parrot the dumbest US propaganda, eg that we can’t do anything about CO2 emissions because it would hurt the economy, as if we have a choice, as if we won’t be fried (along with our economy) by global warming as long as we ignore […]