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A bitch about rich kitsch

“Avant-garde and kitsch“, an early essay by the once almighty US art critic Clement Greenberg, defined kitsch as “ersatz culture” manufactured for the urban masses … who, insensible to the values of genuine culture, are hungry nevertheless for the diversion that only culture of some sort can provide. But for this definition to make sense […]

Where’s walley?

The old milk carton wallet has worn out from recent over-use. How about a new one, this time made of adaptively reused plastic bags? Maybe just a rubber band? Or perhaps made of duct tape? You can even make one lined with aluminum foil to go with your tin foil helmet? Sorry, shouldn’t joke, RFID […]

Fun bags

So you’re down at the butchers buying a steak or two, a few sausages, then you whip off your bra and pop them inside. It’s gotta be worth a discount? That’s how adaptive reuse can be economically viable. Yes (or No!), it’s the bra that can be adaptively reused as a shopping bag, known unsurprisingly […]

New media?

The clothing tag adaptively reused for political comment (and commercial self defence?). From via Reddit.

Silly season

Time to use up some of the stranger examples of adaptive reuse that we have come across recently. Adaptive reuse of images like the crucifixion? How gay is that? (We found it here, otherwise don’t ask, us we don’t know either) And while we are on the subject of adaptively reusing classical imagery, how about […]

Celebrate Our Monkey Ancestors Day

Another Christmas will soon be upon us and this year there doesn’t seem much point to the usual compulsory fake bonhomie. We’re so sick of violent loonies and their imaginary friends that we look forward to the day that it is adaptively reused as Celebrate Our Monkey Ancestors Day. On the other hand, since capitalism […]

Through a glass darkly

Here is proof that the silly season, when we celebrate the cult of consumerism, is almost upon us again. We all know how the beer goggles can get us into trouble, and never more so than at this time of year. Perhaps wearing real beer goggles during this orgy of materialism and false bonhomie may […]

Fish scale bags

….not really, they are made of pop tops from aluminium cans, but they are made by a partnership called Escama, which means fish scales in Portugese. The three partners are based in San Francisco and Brasilia, Brazil, and all have day jobs. They apparently developed and market the bags that are made by Cia do […]

Street life

It’s one thing to write about converting 747s into mansions but ultimately that’s only for an extremely wealthy minority. Homelessness is endemic throughout the world and in the US alone approximately 3.5 million people are estimated to experience homelessness at some point annually, a million of them children. Extremist right wing governments have exacerbated the […]

Spam, spam, spam, spam,

spam, spam, spam, spam…what good is it? Well, believe it or not it can be adaptively reused. You can make a t-shirt from it, you can make poetry and pictures with it or you can make sculpture with it and plants. But the site where the images above come from is very annoying because alex […]