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Reviving Newcastle

It can take a heroic effort to bring an ailing city district back to life but often all it takes to spark it off is one person or one small group. Marcus Westbury‘s efforts to revive Hunter Street, the ailing main street of the Australian industrial city of Newcastle (think rustbelt if you are not […]

Renovation madness

As you may have noticed, we’ve been doing a bit of renovation. We may have been slow with the posts last year due to unavoidable circumstances but we were thinking hard. Let’s be blunt about it, this blog started off as an amusing diversion, turned a bit obsessive then got partly derailed by physical frailty. […]

Big sustainability ain’t hard

One of the main arguments for adaptive reuse is sustainability, by extending a building’s life you save its embodied energy, and the bigger the building the more you save. If the building is in the US and you can achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification as a sustainable building you gain other […]

Floating world

All this dutch design brilliance may soon amount to nought. Approximately 60% of the Netherlands are lower than sea level, not a good place to be in a century where sea levels may well rise 5 metres or more. Many studies are pessimistic about the country’s survival while others are already planning for a floating […]

The blogging art

Although the essay in its adapted blog form is not yet the essay of Bacon, Montaigne, Addison or Orwell you can nonetheless see what may lie in the future as the form refines itself. Brief and pointed, visual as well as literary, loaded with allusion and subterranean complexity via links, and potentially collaborative and open […]

Pedal power

We were delighted to get an email from Ben Denham (thanks for the kind remarks) where he sent us some links to sites about bicycle powered machines. Mayapedal produce bikes, trailers etc, but also a range of bicycles adaptively reused to power machines that perform a range of agricultural tasks like dehusking, pumping water, even […]

Too late, they cried

Like George Bush, Australia’s Prime Minister John Howard is multi-skilled, he’s a climate criminal as well as a war criminal. In fact when most thinking people have seen climate change as an urgent issue for the last ten years he has sabotaged every effort to deal with it….but we’ll leave that discussion for his trial […]

Trains that don’t run on time

I had never heard of the amazing “norry”, the bamboo railway of Battambang province, Cambodia, until a few nights ago when it was on ABC’s Foreign Correspondent programme, so I googled it and discovered I was probably the last person in the world to hear about it. Check out this tourist blog, for instance, where […]

Raptop computer….

that’s what it says, honest, go see for yourself. Although the site does seem to have lost something in the translation, or at least adaptively reused the english language. However, we did like the way the bell was described as “The latest foppery equipment” and that morse key mouse has a strange appeal. We found […]