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Going batty

The world was does not belong only to humans, notwithstanding the deluded ravings of right wing religious extremists. We share it with a still unknown number of other species and most of them can be pretty awe inspiring once you get to know them better. What better way to spend your life than trying to […]

The gardener on the roof

There can be no doubt that urban agriculture is going to get more of our attention in the future but we draw the line at the adaptive reuse of entire city buildings for intensive urban farming, a dubious idea that seems to be yet another attempt to extend corporate control of food production, an issue […]

Silly season

Time to use up some of the stranger examples of adaptive reuse that we have come across recently. Adaptive reuse of images like the crucifixion? How gay is that? (We found it here, otherwise don’t ask, us we don’t know either) And while we are on the subject of adaptively reusing classical imagery, how about […]

Doing dog’s work

We thought this was a brilliant illustration of a fundamental principle of both adaptive reuse and of chaos theory, namely that sometimes only the smallest alteration is needed to produce something radically different. We found it on Ain’t It Cool News.


Everyone must have seen African tin toys made from reused tin cans, and the wire frame type that are often rather unsettling in their ghostliness. The toy influence is obvious when you see this. It’s the maquette for a much larger work that seems to have been made in a similar way from even bigger […]

Street life

It’s one thing to write about converting 747s into mansions but ultimately that’s only for an extremely wealthy minority. Homelessness is endemic throughout the world and in the US alone approximately 3.5 million people are estimated to experience homelessness at some point annually, a million of them children. Extremist right wing governments have exacerbated the […]

The blogging art

Although the essay in its adapted blog form is not yet the essay of Bacon, Montaigne, Addison or Orwell you can nonetheless see what may lie in the future as the form refines itself. Brief and pointed, visual as well as literary, loaded with allusion and subterranean complexity via links, and potentially collaborative and open […]

Let me show you my etchings

That ubiquitous fixture of garage sales, the Etch-A-Sketch, has finally been turned into something useful (did anyone ever manage to create a recognisable image on one of those things.. er yes, sort of.) Here it is, the Electr-O-Sketch, the computerised, adaptively reused Etch-A-Sketch. Two Cornell University engineering students, Jason Levin and Chris Hopkins, replaced the […]

Into the light

Louise T Blouin is a squillionaire Canadian publisher with an interest in the arts. Having acquired the iconoclastic art magazine Modern Painters and turned it into a fashion magazine she has now set up a foundation in her own name and its new headquarters have just opened in London. The Louise T Blouin Institute is […]

Wing it

The Mini desk reminded me that few years back I’d seen a DC3 wing desk in one of those house porn magazines so I went looking for it and here it is. You can get a single wing or if you are particularly obese you can get a double winger and you can accessorize – […]