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Architecture jocks

Respect for layering is a basic heritage principle. Heritage places are the result of a layering of history, of use and change, and it is the values related to this layering which is important. (Pearson & Marshall, 1995, Study of World Heritage Values Convict Places) The principle is so fundamental that it is now a […]

Catching up

We’re back after a desperately needed break, last year was far too busy and problematic, hence the slow posting. Hope you all had a happy buying season and paid due obeisance to the gods of consumerism – at least you can be sure they exist. Let’s do a bit of a round up to get […]

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t live near fireworks factories

We’ve received some interesting suggestions from readers recently (send more, more, more) and one of the most interesting was this house of adaptively reused windows in the alternative community Christiania in Copenhagen, sent by Kristian Seier who says the glass house and its many neighbours are seriously under threat these years, but the wild, everyday […]

Floating in a tin can

(Photo fitaloon) You’ve made your gazillions and now you need somewhere to get away from it all, a place that’s safe and secure, secluded but not too far from civilisation? You like messing around in boats? Of course you own your own helicopter? Then have we got the place for a swashbuckler like you! As […]


You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear but you can make a Vulcan’s ear out of a human ear… no, hang on, you can’t, it’s all a fake, dammit, there goes the joke about women are from Mars and men are from Vulcan. Well, something about that reminded us that at […]

Spiralling out of control

A quick addendum to our last post. You can be sure that archaeological sites all over Iraq are in danger. The Art Newspaper has just reported this, a police barracks being built on a site next to Samarra’s famous spiral minaret. Alastair Northedge, Professeur d’Art et d’Archeologie Islamiques, Universite de Paris I (Pantheon-Sorbonne) comments From […]

Memento mori

You can always rely on the military to make a right mess of a place. Sometimes it’s incidental, sometimes it’s intentional and often its downright consciously genocidal. The US military in Iraq have probably been responsible for all three categories of mayhem. Unfortunately, their appalling adaptive reuse of the archaeological site of Babylon (Photo labanex) […]

The Eternal Return

We’re back. Maybe. Although the others have been piling up research I’ve been out of action with the dreaded carpal tunnel syndrome so I haven’t been able to write stuff up. So I’ll start off slowly again over the next few weeks, see how I go and try working through a few things that may […]

Chairy porn

There’s no doubt that some big companies have worked out that green is good and getting better every day and that the companies who push hard and fast into developing seriously green and sustainable products will win out big time. Furniture manufacturer Herman Miller worked it out quite a while back and don’t mind telling […]

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

We’re back at last, with a shiny new network running Linux (Fedora Core 6 because it is so rigorous about open source) with Windows reduced to either dual boot or virtualisation. Free at last, free at last. Not that we want to see Windows disappear entirely, this post over on Table of Malcontents expresses our […]