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Happy Birthday, Mr Darwin

” Charles Darwin ” 1840. Chalk and water-colour drawing by George Richmond (1809-96). Today, February 12 2009, is the bi-centenary of Charles Darwin‘s birth, a fact that cannot have escaped our educated readers. We’re glad to see there are no shortage of celebrations and we’ve already paid a visit to our monument in our local […]

The Grinning Smithsons

As their greatest and most heroic project is about to bite the dust after decades of slow demolition by neglect, Alison and Peter Smithson’s remaining body of work increasingly looks like the Cheshire cat’s grin – exactly at the point when they seem to be vanishing they are also achieving a prominence they haven’t enjoyed […]

Reviving Newcastle

It can take a heroic effort to bring an ailing city district back to life but often all it takes to spark it off is one person or one small group. Marcus Westbury‘s efforts to revive Hunter Street, the ailing main street of the Australian industrial city of Newcastle (think rustbelt if you are not […]

Out of the closet

Why does the humble wardrobe have so much appeal as a refuge, an escape to a different world even. From children’s stories like The Chronicles of Narnia or The Indian in the Cupboard, to farces and cartoons where everything from lovers to dead mothers are hidden in them, somehow wardrobes seem to be hotbeds of […]

Flying low

If we are to save the world it is necessary for the principles of sustainability and adaptive reuse to penetrate be adopted by all strata of society. The MotoArt Mile High Bed … what more can we say? Personally, we prefer the ejector seats.

Charles Darwin was here

It’s the 150th anniversary of the first public exposition, to the Linnean Society, of Charles Darwin’s theory of the evolution of species by natural selection, or at least it was on July 1 and we are just running late as usual (we’ve been working on a couple of large projects that we’ll talk about later). […]

Warehouses to offices

The 8522 National Boulevard Complex in Culver City, California is an early (1990) work by architect Eric Owen Moss. Five adjoining 1920s and 40s warehouses have been adapted into a single building united by a new entrance and a public corridor creating varied and light filled working spaces. Links: Eric Owen Moss

Small workshop to apartments

This adaptively reused workshop in Milan was converted into a small block of eight apartments by the addition of an extra floor by LPzR Architetti. Links: LPzR Via: materialicious

And the winner is…

No we aren’t talking about Jean Nouvel. The prize for Best Fossil Fools Day Prank goes to Inhabitat’s Frank Gehry McMansion with its “extremely advanced” “PVC-framed double glazed windows, gypsum plasterboard walls and an advanced timber framing system”. It sounds all too plausible, what with his line of McMuseums and all, and you can bet […]

Happy Fossil Fools Day!

It’s good to see an old meme meaningfully adaptively reused, but isn’t every day Fossil Fools Day? Well if you’re fool enough to think you’ll be saved from climate change by the Rapture or some other supernatural event like the US rejoining the planet any day soon then you could be in for a sad […]