Happy Fossil Fools Day!

It’s good to see an old meme meaningfully adaptively reused, but isn’t every day Fossil Fools Day? Well if you’re fool enough to think you’ll be saved from climate change by the Rapture or some other supernatural event like the US rejoining the planet any day soon then you could be in for a sad surprise, there ain’t nothing supernatural around here.

rapture longcat returns

All the signs have been there for a long time…

cat nativity
The Rev Anaglyph)

you should have investigated further. Now you’d better start being nice to cats and the rest of the planet’s creature or you’ll be meeting the Prince of Darkness….

Prince Of Darkness

With many thanks to the delightful Tetherd Cow

PS We’ve been having server and wordpress meltdowns over the last few days, apologies to everyone, we are slowly getting it under control we hope.

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