Fight climate change, not war

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We are supporting the March 19 blogswarm marking the fifth anniversary of the start of the insane and unjust Iraq war.

From the beginning it was nothing more than an unjustified war of aggression by a group of countries, the US, UK and Australia, whose historical pretensions of moral superiority can now clearly be seen as false, disguises for greed and criminality. It has put the final nail in the coffin of the US economy and completely corrupted the already fragile US political system, probably beyond repair. Not only has it ruined countless lives, the money it has wasted would have gone a long way to solving the real crisis facing the world and that is climate change.

But it’s not worth arguing about anymore, it’s an appalling evil and most people want it to end. How many ways can it be said, the ship is sinking, the theatre is on fire, the ivory tower is collapsing and it is much, much later than you think. It’s time to kick out the criminals and charlatans that have taken control of politics and business and start dealing with the real problem, the looming climate disaster that makes every other problem an irrelevancy. The Europeans are now leading the way and it’s time for the rest of us to follow them.

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And if you are in the US, get out on the streets today and join the protests!