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redneck mansion trailer reuse

This image under the title Redneck Mansion is racing through the blogosphere faster than headlice through a kindergarten leaving a wake of vicious and patronising comments, as if rednecks had a monopoly on vulgarity. But it strikes us as an imaginative, witty and good fun bit of adaptive reuse, not at all vulgar – and probably fairly expensive to build. So yah boo sucks to the commenters who seem a more vulgar bunch of rednecks than whoever built this. But where is it? And where did the image originally come from?

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  1. Jeroen Harkes
    Posted 3 Mar ’08 at 12:38 am | Permalink

    Well not exactly ‘racing’… it was build in 2005 as a stage for Ivanov a play by Tjechov. Performed by ‘Theater het amsterdamse bos’ in Amsterdam of course.
    So it is about 3 years late, which is a lifetime in the blogosphere (maybe even two).

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