Rising in the world

redneck mansion trailer reuse

This image under the title Redneck Mansion is racing through the blogosphere faster than headlice through a kindergarten leaving a wake of vicious and patronising comments, as if rednecks had a monopoly on vulgarity. But it strikes us as an imaginative, witty and good fun bit of adaptive reuse, not at all vulgar – and probably fairly expensive to build. So yah boo sucks to the commenters who seem a more vulgar bunch of rednecks than whoever built this. But where is it? And where did the image originally come from?

One thought on “Rising in the world

  1. Jeroen Harkes

    Well not exactly ‘racing’… it was build in 2005 as a stage for Ivanov a play by Tjechov. Performed by ‘Theater het amsterdamse bos’ in Amsterdam of course.
    So it is about 3 years late, which is a lifetime in the blogosphere (maybe even two).


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