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Appropedia is a wiki that has been slowly bubbling along collecting a range of material around appropriate technologies. At times it feels a bit hokey, a bit neo hippy, but that’s what the open source software movement was like ten years ago and look at it now. We predict a great future for it. As Victor Papanek fans from way back there is even something nostalgic about it at times.

plastic bottle asthma spacer

And their highlighted project right now is an adaptively reused 500cc PET plastic bottle used as a spacer for asthma medications. How appropriate!


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    Thanks for the mention!

    There is a indeed bit of a hippie feel – and we do want to cater to hippies as well as yuppies, and above all those trapped in poverty, and those working in poor communities. We have a few exciting developments in the pipeline (well, exciting for people like us who are passionate about open content) – you’ll see a big leap in the quality and quantity of Appropedia’s content in less than 10 months, let alone 10 years. We’ve now got a public domain search engine, and a faster way of converting PDF to wiki format (and permission to use a bunch of high quality PDF documents on appropriate technologies and sustainability), and those will make a huge impact on the quality and breadth of information you can find there.

    Something that will help this is having more people contribute good quality information, and more academics using the site in their courses, having their students create project and topic pages as part of their assignments.

    Another thing that will help is having more hands – anyone who sees the potential wants to help with identifying and porting information to Appropedia (or helping in any other way) should get in touch, or just start contributing.

    Keep watching – and participating!

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    Appropedia is not just hippy focused… 🙂 Launch a business making useful things! Invest in profitable ideas, like renewable energy! Truly sustainable efforts need to make economic sense. Some years may lose money, so you better make money during other years or you’ll be in trouble.

    Have I suggested that hippies are anti-business? Hmm. Wasn’t my intent.

    The comment snippets leave a “sound bite” type impression, so I created a compensatory “comment bite”.

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