The Eternal Return

We’re back. Maybe. Although the others have been piling up research I’ve been out of action with the dreaded carpal tunnel syndrome so I haven’t been able to write stuff up. So I’ll start off slowly again over the next few weeks, see how I go and try working through a few things that may be looking a bit old now. Hopefully our eternal return will not turn out to be as boring short lived as an attempt to read Finnegans Wake.

(Photo foam)

First, something really admirable. Rotor is a group in Brussels working to encourage the re-use of industrial waste. They’ve set up an office for one year in a construction (named RDF 181, an abbreviation of its address) on a small wedge of waste land soon to be redeveloped. Built from old exhibition materials and waste plastic on a support made from construction shoring and our favourite building material, scaffolding,

the office is itself an illustration of the elegant and creative use of waste materials. Their press release explains it all.

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