Kung Hei Fat Choi!

We’re back at last, with a shiny new network running Linux (Fedora Core 6 because it is so rigorous about open source) with Windows reduced to either dual boot or virtualisation. Free at last, free at last. Not that we want to see Windows disappear entirely, this post over on Table of Malcontents expresses our sentiments perfectly. We too would like to see Windows humbled for all its perfidiousness, like the Last Emperor employed in his dotage as a gardener in Beijing’s Forbidden City.

So Happy Chinese New Year, even if we are a week late. And here is the last little bit of our previous post about the adaptive reuse of quarries that was accidentally left out in the rush to get at least one post out in the last fortnight.

It’s a hotel to be built in a quarry in Songjiang, China and it combines several of the water sport and theme park aspects of the others, it even has bungee jumping and rock climbing facilities as well as underwater rooms. Not unsurprisingly given the architects, it has a touch of Dubai silliness and excess that will no doubt appeal to vulgarians everywhere. (via CoolHunter)