Refugee chic

Just as it has become fashionable for designers to give a nod to adaptive reuse, it is also fashionable for architects to create show houses for refugees. You get a few extra brownie points if it involves a bit of adaptive reuse.

Here’s an example by Cubo Arquitectos of Santiago, Chile.

Its made entirely of doors, pallettes and some plastic sheeting. It looks great, as a shack we love it, it’s got honesty and style.

But as emergency housing? You must be joking? The tsunami or hurricane or earthquake hits so what do you do – of course, you jog down to the nearest big box hardware store and buy thirty or more doors.

And so do the other tens of thousands of homeless in your area. Assuming you have a big box hardware in your third world country, assuming it’s still standing, assuming it has several hundred thousand doors in stock, assuming you have money, assuming you have transport etc, etc, etc.

But it looks cute and that’s probably all that matters.

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