Another new year

Happy new year wishes from all of us.

We’re in the process of making a few changes to gear up for the coming year. Firstly a slight change to our name. This blog began on blogspot as a service that was part of our art and heritage management consultancy. We used it to showcase architectural adaptive reuse that would interest our clients. After a year we had come across so many interesting projects that in August we relaunched it on its own site as a WordPress blog and since then it has rapidly taken off.

We’re now using the URL as the blog name because that’s what people call it anyway and it reflects the fact that there is now a third contributor and we expect more before too long.

We are also expanding links and adding a new “About adaptive reuse” page to explain our rather whimsical interpretation of a term that is usually confined to architecture. And later in the year we’ll be selling our own posters and Tshirts.

If you’ve got any suggestions for further changes, now is the time to tell us.