Going dutch

For quite a few years now the Dutch have produced some of the best design in the world. Pragmatism seems to be a national characteristic and it’s an attitude that lends itself to adaptive reuse, seen here in one of the first bits of contemporary Dutch design to catch our attention.

This is Tejo Remy’s (warning poxy flash infested site) wonderful ‘You Can’t Lay Down Your Memory’ chest of drawers from 1991, an accumulation of reused drawers held together with a strap.

His rag chair is equally irresistible.

Remy is a long term member of the droog design collective, the sort of group that gives contemporary design a good name. Look at this for instance,

a series of stickers to create the cheapest home gym around (by Han Koning, Louise Maniëtte, Tarmo Piirmets and Jet Vervest, 2002), an example of conceptual art influencing furniture design?

Or the tree trunk bench (by Jurgen Bey, 1999, (yes, more poxy flash animation), you supply the tree, they supply the bronze chair backs. And look at his reused chairs at the Milan Design Festival in 2004.

Droog even do a milk bottle lamp although unfortunately that gets close to something we hate, a style we call Faux Adaptive Reuse where new products are made to look like reused products. We’ll forgive this one because it too was done by Tejo Remy way back in 1991.

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