Just hold on there

Jorre Van Ast is a young designer with a thing about clamps.

This table made from a door with ready made legs that clamp on

is a spinoff from his clampology project,

a series of clamps that can be adapted for a number of uses.

So, a few clamps, some pilfered bricks, milk crates and fence palings, a few pallettes, hey presto, you’ve furnished a student household.

The production of a range of products that can be used to adaptively reuse other products is an idea with a great future, but also a great past – his jar tops are a welcome reprise of products commonly available in the period from the Great Depression to the early fifties, an early heyday of adaptive reuse. It was common, for instance, for glass jars to be designed and decorated to be reused as drink tumblers, but more about that some other time.

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