Celebrate Our Monkey Ancestors Day

Another Christmas will soon be upon us and this year there doesn’t seem much point to the usual compulsory fake bonhomie. We’re so sick of violent loonies and their imaginary friends that we look forward to the day that it is adaptively reused as Celebrate Our Monkey Ancestors Day. On the other hand, since capitalism has already reused it as a potlatch where we celebrate Mammon by giving ridiculous amounts of money to retailers just to prove that we can, there seems to be little reason not to pick up some adaptively reused products in the process.

So how about some bags. Just as the military seems to drive technological innovation, and porn drives internet innovation, handbag designers seem to drive adaptive reuse innovation. Take this gumboot bag for instance.

What could be cooler. It’s by Saskia Marcotti of the Belgian designers vlaemsch() but since you can’t copyright an idea, do as swissmiss suggests and DIY.

Perhaps you prefer cowboy boots? Then the cowboy boot bag from RodeoQueen is for you. But where have the soles gone?

Well, Nike has been using them for their sole bags, but like most Nike products they are ugly as sin and there is the matter of exploiting child labour. Just don’t do it!

A far more desirable version of the same idea is designed by Naoto Fukazawa of PlusMinusZero except you can only get them in Japan. It’s a canvas bag with a real shoe sole from a shoe (Uwabaki) commonly used in schools in Japan. Go to their elegant website and drool. (It’s a bit puzzling that most reviews of this bag say “This is one bag you can place on the ground without worrying about getting dirty” because we have never had such a worry. Should we start worrying? Or should we just carry a crucifix brush

from Citizen:Citizen to remove that ungodly dirt?)

Or perhaps the skate deck bag is more your…errr…bag?

Made by FocusedBags, the bag on the left has the added bonus of old grip tape on the handles that can be used as an emergency nail file. The one on the right is described as very rare because they use only genuinely pre-snapped skate decks – that’s integrity!

And if nothing there suits you, please tell us. We’ve had so few comments lately that despite our rocketing stats we’re starting to feel like this.

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