Their tins are forgiven

Antipode is one of those sites that is so pretentious that it’s impossible to work out what it’s actually on about although it’s fairly clear that it’s showcasing contemporary jewellery. But we really like the work of one of the featured artists, David Poston, who reuses tin cans.

The world is full of adaptively reused tin cans and we tend to ignore them simply because they are ubiquitous but David Poston’s Reincarnation of Tins series is piss elegant and his statement appealed to us.

He says:

The greater the significance claimed by Art and the more preciousness with which it is regarded, the less it actually has. The same goes for artists.

A potter friend once explained to me that the world gave him huge amounts of input that he digested and was nourished by. The work that he made, his little green-brown pots, were merely the by-product of this process of nourishment, described as his ‘turds’. These turds, though by-products, are indicators of what has been digested and understood, and of the journey that has been travelled.

This makes sense to me.

It makes sense to us too but it seems a bit odd given the site’s overall approach – precious is the perfect word for it.

But while we are on a metalico-religious bent, here is balm for our inner plumber. Have a look at this manorah made from one of our favourite raw materials, galvanised pipe.

And it too comes from a pretty strange site, Notschlock, which is all set up with shopping cart, FAQ (“What forms of payment do you accept?”), etc but only one page and this one item for sale. We checked FAQ but found no answer to our question, “Why?”

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