Bicycle ute

Here’s another bicycle reuse. This time its Moz who, among other things, adapts old bicycles to become new load-bearing human powered vehicles like this one.

Often this kind of adaption is a prototype for building these designs from scratch, as with the development of the long bike into one less ute.

3 thoughts on “Bicycle ute

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  2. Moz

    Those are actually two different bikes – the top one was mostly mild steel and some old bikes (the rear triangle, headsets and front fork) and was only capable of about 100kg. It used the rigid bar steering that’s traditional for Long John type bikes, and was stolen from outside my house after a few months.

    The lower bike was entirely custom made (except the front fork) out of 4130 CroMo steel (common in bikes) and was both bigger and carried more. As an experiment in lightweight sonstruction is was quite successful – about 20kg – but as expected it broke after a year or so of daily-to-weekly use.


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