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The world is full of products that, for their pointless waste of the world’s resources, should have earned their manufacturers a community service sentence in an impoverished third world country to assist them in regaining a grip on reality.

The battery powered pooper scooper for cleaning the cat tray is a typical example (and for even more FUN!, as they say, check out this site, proof that there is something for every taste or lack of taste somewhere on the web). The Guardian recently listed a few more small crimes against the planet.

We’ve always thought electric toothbrushes were also in that class and an example of a solution that is worse than the problem….except we can’t work out what the problem is with using an ordinary toothbrush.

The electric flosser would be an even more stupid product except that it can be adaptively reused as something occasionally useful, a lock pick.

Half an hours work on your flosser and you’ll be able to get through any padlock.

Click on the image to see it in action. Use this knowledge wisely, and with discretion.

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