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Our last post about gas holders brought another almost identical one to our attention, demolished in Ipswich Queensland at about the same time as the Lithgow gas holder.

In case you think we are being a bit silly about this you have to remember that there are now very few left in Australia. In the US, where the barbarians have been in control for decades, it is claimed there are less than twenty large gasholders left, a depressing statistic I find almost impossible to believe.

On the other hand the Europeans treasure them and do amazing things with them. The Duisburg Nord Tauchgasometer has been filled with water to become the largest diving centre in northern Europe, complete with shipwreck and artificial reef.

The Oberhausen gasometer has become an exhibition and cultural centre. Here is the interior in 1998 when Christo and Jeanne-Claude installed The Wall 13,000 oil barrels.

In Vienna four enormous brick gas holders have been converted for housing, each by a different architect. Here is the interior of Gasometer A

and here is Gasometer D.

We have a perverse post modern taste for buildings within buildings and these must be one of the greatest examples in the world.

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  1. R. P. Brandon
    Posted 22 Dec ’10 at 9:17 am | Permalink

    I read your interesting items about gasholders. In my country, the Netherlands they, have demolished all the gasholders in the country (except for a few remains)after a large amount of natural gas was found in the north of the Netherlands in the early sixties. I can tell you more about this item, (with pictures)

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