Adaptive repair

We’ve been a bit slow with posts in the last few weeks because we’ve been moving this blog and a few others we are involved in from blogger to their own websites, a small sign of their growing success. But we’re back to work now.

Let’s start with Bower, a repair and recycling centre in Addison Road Marrickville that does a neat line in new products…

hey, more inner tube bags…

nice light shades…

and The Platters.

But they also have a very sane argument in support of developing a repair and reuse culture. Nothing could be more unfashionable but as an occasional antique dealer with a very big shed full of half fixed furniture I can only agree with their worthy sentiments.

2 thoughts on “Adaptive repair

  1. Ian Milliss

    Apparently they have developed them as a whole product line but I haven’t had time to check them out. Why don’t you go there and report back.


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