Container overload

I have mostly resisted writing about my favourite architects like LacatonVassal architectes or Adam Kalkin or the late great Samuel “Sambo” Mockbee but this week Sydney had a visit from Teddy Cruz. I want to write something about Teddy Cruz on the Open Source Art School so I’ll just recommend you check out the link, but let’s look at some more containers instead.

The first thing I ever saw by Adam Kalkin was Bunny Lane,

a building so beautiful

and so perfect in its way that it was a bit too much, in the same way that Phillip Johnson’s very minimal Glass House demonstrates that less can really be too more. They are both swoon architecture liable to induce Stendhal syndrome. I was relieved but not surprised to later discover that Kalkin does a great line in containers

and is much exercised by political and economic questions. And to top it all off he even has a sense of humour – the catalogue for his quikhouses has dinner cooked by him listed as an optional extra.

Anyway check out his website architecture and hygiene where you can get T-shirts, recipes, instructions on fitting facial prostheses and the opportunity to confess, as well as seeing some great architecture. It’s as much fun as you’ll get in this slowly sinking world.

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