Clock watching

I haven’t worn a watch since my early teens, a long time ago. If I want to know the time I just ask someone else, I’m a social kind of guy. But I have to say that the Nixie watch is almost enough to change the habit of a lifetime. It’s even got a rocker switch so that you twist your wrist once to show the time as hours and minutes, then twist again to show it with seconds. How can anything be that geek cool?

A product like this can stave off existential questions about the futility of existence for say a whole day, or a few hours at least. It’s made by nixiebunny of Cathode Corner using old nixie tubes, the sort used in the displays of prehistoric calculators before most people were born ie in the 60s (61.5% of the world population is under 35 years, trust me, I worked it out). He also makes clocks from cathode ray tubes.

Can I have one of those watches for Christmas? No, I won’t settle for a kit even if they are pretty fabulous, I already have several lifetimes of unfinished DIY projects lying around.

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