Market solution

In Australia, the lackey country, politicians and other business rent-a-reptiles constantly parrot the dumbest US propaganda, eg that we can’t do anything about CO2 emissions because it would hurt the economy, as if we have a choice, as if we won’t be fried (along with our economy) by global warming as long as we ignore it. The same applies to recycling, renewable energy and sustainability in general.

Meanwhile, as our moribund capitalist dinosaurs resist reality, other countries have faced these issues. The result is that new products, new materials and above all innovative manufacturing techniques are being developed and the creativity of capitalism has been unleashed to solve the problems rather than create them. These new entrerprises may still be small, but 30 years ago Microsoft was a two person operation.

Take Freitag for instance. They make bags out of truck tarpaulins and other recycled materials. The bags are great, the website is the best online shop I’ve ever seen, but above all they have developed a way for you to design your own bag, making your own cuts from a tarpaulin.

The world won’t be saved by recycled bags, but it may be saved by new ways of doing things. And this is the way its going to go, consumer control of computerised maufacturing techniques through small scale high tech companies.

And now after a decade or so, Freitag have their own skyscraper, a new shop in Zurich that has made me break my ban on running stories about shipping containers. I first saw it on we make money not art (the worlds best blog, the Diderot’s Encyclopedie of our age), resisted mentioning it for a day then got an email from varp about it and finally had to succumb.

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