Burnt out

The chairs in the next post are practical but not really aesthetic, too obviously sow’s ears pretending to be silk purses. Now notwithstanding the rusticity (I’m not big on rustic) I think this stool is quite beautiful. Maybe its the elegant simplicity of its manufacture by fire that appeals.

You can even make a DIY project out of it. It’s a better use of sleepers than making garden beds out of them.


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    This is an off-topic comment: sometimes I’ve asked gardeners and farmers why they burn or poison weeds instead of composting them and they have insisted that composting is not enough to break them down. I’m thinking of pigweed and scotch thistle and bathurst burr. I wonder if there is a way to get compost out of such pesky plants. Also there must be items that can be recycled as compost bins as well as the purpose built ones. Maybe rainwater tanks or old falling apart sheds/farmhouses?

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    No way grice. It’s because the seeds don’t break down and most compost heaps don’t heat up enough to kill them.
    I think packing pallettes stood on edge and wired together make great compost bins. If you have a ready supply of palettes that is…

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    There must be a compost metho that works. Ever stuck your hand into a pile of lawn clippings? It’s really hot.

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