Be seated

Anyone who haunts auctions, dumps and recycling depots like we do (it’s the hunting and gathering instinct still there) knows how many old bathtubs there are out there. And until I came across Trashformaciones outdoor chairs I thought all you could do was leave them out in the paddock to water the horses.

A comment about them on the Treehugger site led us to some similar cutting and folding of garbage bins.

It’s all good clean ingenious fun but I can’t see it catching on, another example of recycling as identity statement rather than practical alternative, unlike the extremely practical inner tube briefcase. But if you’re a poor student looking for cheapo seating then get out one night, steal a wheelie bin or two and just follow the instructions.

While you’re at it you could even make a lounge. This one is from baumhaus collective, I like it more than the chairs and I’d love to know more about baumhaus collective but I can’t find anything.

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