Ramping it up

The Big Dig House is constructed from recycled steel and concrete panels used in the construction of Boston’s “Big Dig” highway reconstruction project. The house was built by Paul Pedini, an engineer and vice president of Modern Continental Construction, one of the principal contractors on the Big Dig.

I like the interior more than the exterior which unfortunately had to be tarted up to look more conventional to get past neighbour’s objections. “We’re thrilled to have been involved in this. But if we’re hired to do the next Big Dig House, we’d like to do something a bit more radical.” said architect Jinhee Park.

Pedini’s bold idea for turning off ramps into buildings hardly ends with his massive home. “I’d like to develop the concept of second use on large construction projects,” he says, ever the forward-thinking engineer and contractor. He believes there is a business in building with construction waste—and a balance. “Have it built into the work from the start; make it mandatory when there is federal funding,” he proposes.

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